Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dragon Age

I've started Dragon Age: Origins. (Yeah, I'm late and slow.) I've playing a dwarf noble.

It's both comforting and humbling to find that they are running with many of the same themes and ideas that I did. They named them differently, but they are the same. It is humbling, because yet again, I see how unoriginal my creations are, but it's also rocks, because the dragon age writers professionally developed the dwarves to be interesting, and the team came up with most of the same results that I did. So, I don't really know which direction to go with this. Mixed emotions. For lack of a better response, I'll picked that I rock, because my results run with the AAA titles.

The only remaining place that I feel original is my exploration of religion, but as most of that is flat out stolen from real life, I once again come face to face with the fact that what I wrote is derivative. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Nobody points to a mystery writer or romance writer and accuses them of being derivative. Derivativeness is the price of being a genre writer. Yet, we all want to be original, don't we? That's the curse of fantasy. 

Weeds Among Stone and Standing Between Earth and Heaven are both available as ebooks on Amazon's Kindle service. They really are good reads.