Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fighter (Insane)

You have been to the edge of insanity and now you see the world and understand it in a new and horrifying way. You understand what lies beyond the stars and the secrets that those stars behold and never again can you forget. Reality is now different to you and you are different to reality.

Voices in My Head - Beginning at first level, once per day, you may add your fighter level to any knowledge roll.

Insane Savant - Swift action. Beginning at first level, you see the paths before you and you pick the best. One action action this round does not trigger an attack of opportunity or any other sort of reactive action (even spells, such as traps). This action may be used at will but not in consecutive rounds.

Not Quite There - Beginning at first level, your unpredictability challenges your opponents. Any melee or ranged attack against you has a 20% chance to miss you. Roll after your opponent scores a hit.

Alien Mind - Beginning at third level, your mind is a terrible thing to attack. If you are the target of a mind-affecting spell spell-like ability and you make your save, the caster takes 1d6 damage per fighter level. In addition, if the spell was cast, the caster must make a spellcasting check with an increase in DC equal to your fighter level.

My Life is an Illusion - Beginning at 4th level, you become insensible to extreme environmental conditions. You are not affected by extreme (but normal) heat or cold.

Labyrinthine Soul- Beginning at fifth level, you may add your fighter level to any save against psionics or psionics-like spells and effects.

A Different Path - Beginning at 6th level, you may ignore one prerequisite required by a feat.

Touch of Madness - Once per day, beginning at 7th level, your strike confuses an opponent for one round, as per the spell confusion. Your DC is 10 + Fighter Level. This increases to twice at 13th level and three times at 17th level.

A Shadow of Yourself - Beginning at ninth level, your unpredictability has exceeded all normal bounds. Any melee or ranged attack now has a 50% chance to miss you.

Totally Gone - Beginning at 11th level, all mind-affect spells or effects cease working on you.


All in all, I think that this is an interesting build, but also the least powerful of all the ones that I’ve designed so far. Interestingly, it is also unusually survivable.

This is the kind of character that can get away with the craziest things. He can do all the normal fighter tricks because he’s crazy. Not knowing these feats is not a problem to him.

I think that the character’s abilities really help define the insanity of the character. These are not just crazy things that the character does. These are integral parts of the character’s success. That is to say, the crazy is not just a character wandering about acting randomly.

Even so, I’m not altogether please. It needs work.