Friday, April 19, 2013

Fighter (Warlock Pact)

Fighter (Warlock Pact)

In a magical world, you are a fool if you don’t get magic on your side. If warlocks can make pacts with strange beings from beyond, so can you, and you did. With that, you have been rewarded with strange and magnificent powers that aid you in beating the tar out of your enemies.

Replace all Fighter granted feats with the following powers:

Accursed Strike - Beginning at first level, once per round, when you hit an opponent with a melee attack, that opponent becomes cursed. You begin with a Basic Curse. Any opponent can bear only one curse. You do not need to damage the opponent to curse them. For each additional level you take in Fighter, you may choose an additional curse to use:

  • Basic Curse - You must take this curse for your first curse. Opponent makes all rolls at -2, including damage, saves, and attacks. The effect lasts until the end of your next turn.
  • Cursed Strength - Opponent loses all Strength bonuses until the end of your next turn.
  • Cursed Dexterity - Opponent loses all Dexterity bonuses until the end of your next turn.
  • Cursed Wisdom - Opponent loses all Wisdom bonuses until the end of your next turn.
  • Cursed Casting - Any DC generated by opponent reduced by five until the end of your next turn. Any spellcasting check or psionic check is increased by your Strength bonus.
  • Cursed Ability - Choose one attack or ability. Opponent unable to use that until the end of your next turn.
  • Cursed Fortune - Opponent gains a 20% miss rate on any attack. If chosen a second time, opponent misses 50% of all attacks.
  • Karmic Curse - If you lay no curse, your may substitute your Fortitude save for any save against any magical effect. (If you have not yet acted in an encounter, this effect is active.) You choose this curse a second time, you may instead reflect one magical effect per round, targeted against you, back at the originator. You may still affected by the spell. Taken a third time, you reflect any magical effect back upon the caster. You may still be affected by the spell.
  • Temporary Insanity - Target makes its best available attack against an ally.

Beginning at 6th level, you may lay curses on two opponent in the same round. That number increase to three opponents at 11th, and four at 16th. Beginning at 10th level, a single opponent can bear two curses, but not of the same type.

Magical Affinity - Beginning at 2nd level, add your Constitution bonus onto the caster level for any beneficial spell placed upon you (except those cast by yourself). This includes wands and potions that you use to your own benefit.

Inexplicable Affinity - Beginning at 7th level, casters may place spells upon you that are range “self” or “caster only.”

Warped Soul - Beginning at fifth level, may use your Fortitude save against any mind-affecting, psionic, or psionic-like effect.

Curse Immunity - Beginning at 7th level, you are immune to the curses born by magic items.

Design Notes

I think there are cool things to be done with this concept, but I’m not the one doing them. I think that I’ve done a so-so job designing through this idea.

What I wound up doing was designing a debuffer and a shutdown artist. That seemed to align with curses. This results in a fighter that you want right up in front handling the biggest, meanest monsters. His debuffing will greatly increase the party’s chance of success, and the moment that he is not debuffing, the situation gets rapidly worse.

I don’t require saving throws for the curses because fighter must get within the danger zone and hit his opponent. He’s already had to roll. He’s already risking a great deal. Such danger is not required of a spellcaster who can stand back and cast with minimal threat.

This fighter should be a magnificent dragon hunter. In general, this design is highly effective against solo encounters, dragons included. Against multiple opponents, the class is generally less awesome.

This fighter is also the most effective anti-mage design I’ve ever seen, but not by design.

The class slows down around 10th-12th level. It doesn’t gain much after that.