Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fighter (Air Elemental Ally)

Fighter (Air Elemental Ally)

Some fighters form allies with air elementals, giving them strange and unique powers.

Air Elemental Ally - At first level, you gain an air elemental ally. Once per day, as a move action, you may summon this ally, and it will remain for one minute per level. It fights independently under your direction.

Level Size
1 Small
4 Medium
8 Large
12 Huge
16 Greater
20 Elder

Break Like the Wind - While not flat footed, the fighter may include his armor and shield bonuses when determining his dodge armor class. The fighter ignores any movement penalties due to armor.

Not At All Shocking - The fighter gains electricity resistance equal to his fighter level.

Defying Gravity - The fighter subtracts 5 from all Jump checks and ignores any penalties associated with weight, encumberance, or armor. All his jumps are considered running jumps, even vertical jumps. The fighter subtracts ten feet from any falling damage. This increases to fifteen feet at 5th level, 20 feet at 10th level, and an additional five feet per level above ten.

Additionally, the fighter activates no foot/weight based traps when he walks on them.

Mac the Knife - Beginning at 3rd level, the fighter may treat light weapons as if they were not light when favorable. This allows the fighter to use his full strength bonus with such weapons.

Ride the Whirlwind - The fighter may use an air elemental ally to fly. The air elemental forms a cone under the fighter and is otherwise is unable to attack while carrying the fighter. The fighter gains all air elemental feats (flyby attack, finesse, etc) while riding the whirlwind. Any damage to fighter is applied to his elemental before he takes the damage.

Shocking Truth - Beginning at 5th level, the fighter gains +1d6 electrical damage when using a metal weapon. This increases to 2d6 at 10th, 3d6 at 15th, and 4d6 at 20th.

Wire Fu - Beginning at 7th level, as a free action, the fighter can fly for this round. He must touch at least one solid object during the round to maintain flight. Hitting an opponent counts as touching a solid object.

Cloud Step - Beginning at 12th level, the fighter may jump onto a cloud and overland flight at will. His flight speed is equal to his fighter level squared.


The air elemental ally begged wushu to me. Who else should go bouncing about on wires?

This design begged elusiveness to me, so I made sure it had a great dodge AC.

‘Cloud Step’ is from Journey to the West. Brothers Monkey, Pig, and Sand all have this wushu ability.

I’m not sure that I covered everything well. This would be quite the disruptive design in a game.

As usual, this is entirely unplaytested. Use at your own risk/reward. I don’t pretend that the class will be playable up to 20th level.

This is my 26th post. I'm halfway through the year. I've given myself one year to get somewhere with this blog. At the end of the year, we'll see if I've accomplished anything.