Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fighter (Fire Elemental Ally)

Fighter (Fire Elemental Ally)

At first level, you gain the multiattack feat in addition to any other feats that you may gain.

Fire Elemental Ally - At first level, you gain an fire elemental ally. Once per day, as a move action, you may summon this ally, and it will remain for one minute per level. It fights independently under your direction.

Level Size
1 Small
4 Medium
8 Large
12 Huge
16 Greater
20 Elder

Fire Elemental Aura - As a free action, any fire elemental can form fire aura around you.

- In reaction to any melee attack against you, your fire elemental can damage that creature’s weapon. Your fire elemental makes a sunder roll against your opponent’s weapon. Weapons are destroyed and limbs are disabled.

- Beginning at 6th level, any metal weapon used to attack you is subject to the heat metal spell. If you are grappling, your opponent’s armor heats up. Damage per round is equal to your fire elemental’s base attack.

Fire Resistance - You gain Elemental Resistance to fire equal to your fighter level.

Flaming Weapon - At will, you can cause your weapon to flame. Your weapon now shines like a torch and does fire damage.

Flame Blade - For one round per fighter level, as a free action, you can create a flame blade. It otherwise acts as the spell flame blade.


So far, this writeup is not quite as useful as the Earth Elemental version of this fighter. It has cool stuff. The guy is hell to attack when he wants to be. He can switch to a touch attack at times. He’s very resistant to fire.

I think this particular design needs more work and some playtesting to see how the ideas really hold up.

I think that this fighter works as in the 1-10 range, which is all that I'm concerned about. The fighter would have significant issues at 15-20th level.