Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big Bruiser Pt. 1

What should a big bruiser class look like?

First off, big bruisers are intimidating. So they need Intimidation as a class skill, and it should be based on their Strength. They aren't charismatic. To give the class full flavor, the class can use Intimidate once per round as a free action. Alternatively, we could give him an aura of intimidation, requiring any creature that attacks him to face an Intimidation check.

Power Attack, Cleave, and Great Cleave should be the basis of the class.

The class should push around its enemies. A successful hit should count as a Bull Rush against the opponent.

The Big Bruiser may be treated as +1 size category when advantageous to the character.

Aside from that, the class is a shoe-in for two-handed weapons, which already work pretty well in 3.x.

Next week, I'll try to turn these ideas into a class.