Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mapping Out the Future

Where should I go from here? Right now, I think I'll do a few more fighter, this time based on fighter archetypes.

The Big Bruiser - Little John
The Archer - Robin Hood
The Old Master - Cyrano De Bergerac
The Up and Comer - D'Artagnon
The Leader of Men - So many to choose from.
The Scrapper - Dangerous when cornered.

Certain types aren't worth my consideration. What's important to me is how easily your fellow players understand your character interacts in battle and in the world, and how easily that leads to designing a class based on that.

I am sure that there are more good archetypes, but I haven't identified them yet.

And just to be cool, let's do Star Wars.

Big Bruiser - Chewbacca
Old Master - Ben Kenobi
Up and Comer - Luke Skywalker
Scrapper - Han Solo