Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Era

With my compilation of the Jura City series into one volume, I am off to new things. I may return to Jura City in the future, but developing those stories takes a huge amount of thinking and reconsidering, and I am ready for new things. Sales continue to crawl, but at least I've now got a kick ass cover.

With the previous series done, I feel free to do so many other things that have me exciting. My current work in progress is a more socially based fantasy set in an alternate 20's. I'm having fun matching the style of that era. I am also investigating a story set around 1980. My other work in progress is a modernization of a public domain work. Both are interim works to get me to my next novel, which is currently undetermined. Both are novellas at the moment. I don't see getting much longer than that.

For my own novels, I find that there is a certain amount of pre-thinking involved. The IP work can also be fairly intensive, so much so that doing nothing is often more fruitful than doing something. As long as I'm working, I'm coming up with new ideas.

I may just wind up writing the schlockiest thing that I can imaging, filled with every trope that I can lay a hand on. To be honest, I'm no longer afraid of writing crap. I can now hurl myself into a swimming pool of the stuff with manic glee, giving a middle finger to the literarati who didn't bother coming to my party anyway.

And one of these days, I'll make some money.