Sunday, November 10, 2013

The (Sometimes) Stupidity of Cyberpunk

I'm not the judgmental type, but sometimes, I have to call stupid, well, stupid.

The other day, I saw a cyberpunk steam engine. Now, I want you to think about this. The steam engine existed in the age of steam. In fact, if there is any more powerful symbol of the age of steam than the steam engine, I want to know what it is. Yet, somehow, even the god emperor of steam devices isn't steampunk enough for steampunk. No, it had to get more gears and brass on it to be truly steampunk, because ... I really don't fucking know.

Listen steampunkers, I'm begging you, find out what the real steam devices were in the day. These steam power devices don't need to get steampunked because they are already steampunked. Really. Adding all those steampunk fiddly bits merely guilds the lily. Those devices are already steampunk sexy.

If you really want to be cool, expand on steampunk. Make a steampunky copy machine, a steampunk coffee maker, or a steampunk waffle iron. There's lots of creative room out there. The sheer amount of equipment begging to get steampunked is vast.

There's no need to steampunk period steam equipment, because that just makes you look ignorant.