Thursday, March 13, 2014

2nd Edition AD&D Wizard Spells - Level 4

For Throwback Thursday, here are some more 2nd edition AD&D spells from my hard drive. I make no promises on the editing. All homebrew. Enjoy. 

Electric Javelin (evocation)

Level: 4
Range: 40 yards + 10 yards/level
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 round/level
Casting Time: 1 round
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: 1/2

This spell allows the caster to throw tighter, more controlled lighting bolts.  The caster may throw a bolt at any time during the spell's duration, at one bolt per round.  The caster may throw one bolt for every four levels he possesses.  Each bolt does 4d6 hit points in damage, and half that if the target's save is successful.  If effects on creature.

The material component is a jagged, silver wire.

Giant Strength I (alteration)

Level: 4
Component: VSM
Duration: See Below
Casting Time: 1 Turn
Area of Effect: Person Touched
Save: N/A

By means of this spell, the caster grants the subject greater strength.  The duration of the spell depends on the greatness of that strength.

As strength spell -  2 hours/level
18/00 -  1 hour/level
19 - 30 minutes/level
20 - 15 minutes/level
21 -7 minutes/level
22 -3 minutes/level
23 -1 minute/level

The material component is a hair from the appropriate giant.

Straw Man (alteration/Illusion)

Level: 4
Range: See Below
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 Day/Level
Casting Time: 1 hour
Area of Effect: N/A
Save: None

By means of this spell, the caster constructs a replica of himself in straw.  He dresses it in his own clothing, and then casts this spell.  Once cast, the Straw Man takes on the appearance of it's caster.

The caster may either use the Straw Man as a substitute for himself while he is elsewhere, or as a decoy in the outside world.

When used as a substitute, the Straw Man will take on the habits and mannerisms of the caster.  To all casual observers, he will be the caster.  As long as no closer observation is used, the deception will work.  Any closer inspection will begin revealing the Straw Man's oddities.  He won't speak, or acknowledge an individual.  A stranger make take the Straw Man as a bit odd, but an acquaintance will gain a wisdom check to see if something is wrong.  On closest inspection, the Straw Man will quickly reveal itself to be an automaton.

The caster may also use the Straw Man as a decoy.  As long as it is in verbal or visual range, the caster may control it.  It will act in all ways like him.  With clairaudience and clairvoyance on, the caster can hear and see what the Straw Man does.  As a simple rule of thumb, a mage can control the Straw Man inside slightly raised voice range if he has no spell to augment his control.  With clairvoyance on, the range becomes that of the clairvoyance spell.  With clairaudience on, the Straw Man becomes a virtual substitute for the caster.  With ventriloquism on, the caster may cast spells through his automaton.  (Note that these spells will still last their normal duration).  A wizard eye may substitute the clairvoyance.

With the Straw Man seeming to be him, the caster puts it in the line of fire, rather than himself.  A common tactic is to be invisible while controlling the automaton.  The Straw Man takes the attacks, while the caster can perform his spell.

The Straw Man has 1 hp/level.  It has a strength of 6, and a dexterity of the caster. Its AC is 10 (or better with dexterity).  Magical protection will work with the Straw Man.  When hit, it takes no damage from piercing weapons, half damage from bludgeoning weapons, and full damage from slashing and chopping weapons.

Fire always does maximum to a Straw Man.  Magical fire will vaporize one.  Hold, charm, and cold spells do nothing.

Summon Ghouls (summoning/necromancy)

Level: 4
Range: 15 yards
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 round + 1 round/level
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 10' square
Saving Throw: N/A

When the summoner finishes this spell, one ghoul per three levels of experience appears and attacks the caster's enemies.  These creatures are under command of the spell caster, and will remain until dispelled, slain, or the duration expires.  It bears a great resemblance to the Summon Shadow spell.  The material component is a bit of wood from a coffin.

Note that the exact effects of the spell in a graveyard are indeterminable, and use of this spell in such areas is not recommended.

Unleashed Chaos (evocation)

Level: 4
Range: Special
Components: VS
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: Special
Save: Special

This spell releases magical energy without bothering to direct it.  It's exact effects are indeterminable.  Use the following chart to determine it's power.  For every level above 7, add one to the die roll.

1-7 Cantrip
8-13   1st level
14-17   2nd level
18-20   3rd level
21-22   4th level
23-24   5th level
25-26   6th level
27-28   7th level
29-30 8th level
31+   9th level

Wall of Silence (abjuration)

Level: 4
Range: 20 yards
Components: SM
Duration: 1 round/level
Casting Time: 4
Area: 10 ft sq/level
Save: None

When cast, this spell sets up a wall through which no sound will penetrate.  This protection applies to both inward and outward sounds.  Not that walls and floors can still conduct sound.  The spell goes from surface to surface.

Alternately, the spell may form a dome, 20 feet in diameter.

The material component is a ball of cotton.

Wall of Timber (evocation)

Level: 4
Range: 10 yds/level
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 20'sq/level
Save: None

By means of this spell, the caster may create a wall of wood.  It may be at any angle, but the usual strictures of walls should apply.  The wall will be 6 inches thick.  The thickness may be reduces to improve the area in direct proportion.

Alternately, the caster may create wood bracing.  These will measure 10'x10' and be tightly fitted to their appropriate spaces.  The caster may make one set of braces per level at 10'x10', or two per level at 5'x5'.  The caster need not set all the braces at once.  He has one round/level to do so.

This spell is most often used in conjunction with Dig, in order to create a long and safe shaft or tunnel.  The material component is a sliver of wood.  The Wood of the wall will match the wood of the sliver.