Thursday, March 27, 2014

2nd Edition AD&D Wizard Spells - Level 6

It's thrownback Thursday again. More 2nd level wizard goodness from 1992, with minimal editing. All homebrew.

Back to Body (conjuration/summoning)

Level: 6
Range: Touch
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 round
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: See Below
Saving Throw: Negation

This spell attempts to bring a person on the astral plane back to his or her body.  If the creature makes it's save, the caster may try again.  The caster gets one try for every three levels.  If the caster has any tries left over, he may move on to another person and use any remaining attempts on them.  He may keep this up until he has no tries left.

This method of retrieval is difficult on the target.  The person brought back must rest up for 20 - constitution days.  In addition, they must roll their system shock to see if they survive the ordeal.
The material component is a tube which the caster will hold to his mouth.

Giant Strength II (alteration)

Level: 6
Components: VSM
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 1 Turn
Area of Effect: Person Touched
Save: None

This spell acts much as Giant Strength I.
as strength spell -8 hours/level
18/00 -4 hours/level
19 -2 hours/level
20 -1 hour/level
21 - 30 minutes/level
22 - 15 minutes/level
23 -7 minutes/level
24 -3 minutes/level
25 -1 minute/level

Mist Warriors (conjuration/summoning)

Level: 6
Range: 10 yards
Components: VSM
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 6 turns
Area of Effect: See Below
Saving Throw: N/A

By means of this spell, a mage seeks to conjure up mercenaries from the para-elemental plane of steam.  He first tries to bring in a mist sergeant.  The sergeant gets a 10% magic resistance, and then a save vs. death magic.  If his save is successful, the spell fails.  Otherwise, the sergeant will be brought to the prime material plane.

The caster then has a choice.  He may negotiate with the mist sergeant or he may attempt to force servitude.
If the mage chooses to negotiate a contract, the sergeant will demand a fee.  The mage is expected to give a counter-offer.  Negotiations will take anywhere from several minutes to several weeks.  Payments range from gold, to time off to settle old scores.  Note that the sergeant will not reveal the size of his company, which ranges from 4-24.  Note also that the terms cannot exceed one year in duration.  Once the negotiations have finished, the sergeant will summon in his troops, and follow the mage's order.

The mage may attempt to force servitude.  In this case, the mage has a 5% chance/level of succeeding. Subtract from that 10% for controlling the mist sergeant, and another 5% for each soldier he commands.

So a 12th level mage attempting to force a sergeant with 10 soldiers would have a 120% - 10% - 50% = 60% chance of success.  Remember that a mage does not know the number of troops a sergeant possesses.
Once forced, the warriors will only act to guard the mage.  They will not attack, and will do the absolute minimum that they can.  They will stay for one month, then leave.

Two mist warrior companies will never serve under one mage.

The material components is a charcoal pile.  On the glowing pile is placed a silver bowl (2000 gp minimum) filled with water taken from any magical source (even create water will do).  Once the water is boiling, the spell may be performed.  The bowl itself may only be used once.  New silver is necessary if the spell is to be repeated.

Prismatic Sword (conjuration/summoning)

Level: 6
Range: Reach + 3 feet
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 round/2 levels
Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: 1 Target
Save: See Below

By means of this spell, the caster brings into being a shimmering long sword of brilliant color.  It will be of one color, and do the effects of that color of a prismatic spray.  The color will affect the duration of the spell.  The sword will affect those opponents it hits successfully.  The mage attacks as a mage.
Color Duration Effect
Red   4x 20 hp damage
Orange 2x   40 hp damage
Yellow 1x   80 hp damage
Green   1x save vs. poison (death/20 hp)
Blue 1x petrification
Indigo 1x save vs. wand or go insane
Violet 1/2x   save vs. spell of visit other plane

The sword is considered a +3 weapon to hit.

The material component is a crystal sword.  It will shatter after the spell is complete.  If treated with a Glassteel spell, the sword will act as a +6 weapon and be reusable.

Summon Wight  (conjuration/summoning)

Level: 6
Range: 10 yards
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 round + 1 round/level
Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: 10'cube
Saving Throw: N/A

This spell acts much as Summon Shadow, except that it summons 1-4 wights.  The material component is a piece of smoky quartz.