Monday, March 3, 2014

Ivory RPG - Goals

In a discover game, the goal is the game. So, what's the goal?

We can simplify the goals of a discovery game into a few broad categories:

  • There and back again. Discovery. Information gathering.
  • Go a long way and make sure that no one dies.
  • Move something bigger than normal.
  • Build or unbuild something.

A simple expedition may have one of these goals, but a more complex expedition may have multiple goals. Change the goals and the entire nature of a plan must change. It's one thing to survey a valley, but another to haul back a 10 ton block of granite.

The nature of any expedition involves surprise and opportunism. The goal of an expedition can change in the middle, requiring a reworking of plans. A chance discovery may require staying longer, hauling something back, building something, or any of the above. At that point, the expedition must work not with what it wants to have, but what's it's got on hand.

Like so many of the other pieces of Ivory, the rules for goals are self-explanatory and self-challenging. The very existence of a goal implies all the other challenges. The goal is essentially the expedition writing its own win criteria. So here is yet another example of how the players determine the game.

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