Friday, March 14, 2014

Ivory RPG - Regency Era Social Season

I brought up the outlines of Ivory to my wife and our friend Colleen, and both got pretty excited over the prospect. What I described, that pure planning game, made both perk up. In fact, Colleen suggest that we do a Regency party planning game.

Yeah, I fucking love Colleen, too. She even suggest that matchmaking could be turned into a fantasy football style league.

So the question is now: how to I implement this with a minimal number of rules?

So, some basic take-away from the kitchen meeting:

  • The players plan a coming out party, series, or such. That's up to the players to work out.
  • Players should the grandmothers in a family looking to improve the situation of their entire family.
  • Autocracy rules. Status matters. The players get to sort out the coming out season, and God help you if the Prime Ministers's wife has to step in and sort things out. 
  • The players are responsible for doing their own research.
  • Players communicate either face-to-face for via the USPS.
  • All players need big enough sticks to retaliate against slights. If not sticks, then little stingers. There should a strong motivation to avoid slights.
  • The scale and scope of the game is up to the players. If they want to plan and implement an actual dance, then that's what they do.
  • Identities are up to the players. They can create new nobility to steal shamelessly from the historical record.
  • Exact year is up to the players.

As is apparent, the logistical game is mostly self-selected by the players. Where game design comes in is in how successful the matchmaking goes. At this point in time, I have no idea how that will unfold.

  • Matching must be hard.
  • Matching must include some element of chance, twists, and turns.
  • Gathering information for the matches must be part of the fun.
  • What happens to a successful matchmaker? Do they leave the game and let someone else play? Do they stick in, bartering their inside information to others?
  • How does clothing mix into this? Do we gamify dresses?

Lots to get worked out, and that's all in good fun.

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