Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ivory RGP - Archeological Expedition

If there's anything that screams expedition and logistics, it's digging dead kings out of the sand in Egypt. Be you an archeologist or a tomb robber, the issues are very similar. We can do this many different ways and have fun.

The Year: Right Now

The scenario is this: using Google maps, locate interesting places that look like unidentified ruins. Then, confirm those discoveries with ground teams. Describe the discovery. You'll need to present the scientific committee with a plan and an approximate budget to do the actual survey, along with all the necessary diplomatic requirements.

That first part, using Google Earth, is something for modern day explorers. The second part happens during whatever is happening in Egypt right now, so keeping up with Egypt becomes a must. The fun part is that you don't know what will happen, so real life can throw you curveballs.

The fun here is that the players all get to keep an eye on Egypt as they try to figure things out, but otherwise, all modernity is fair game.

The Year: 1910

Reviewing the notes of previous explorers, Professor English believes that that there are tombs somewhere west of Luxor. Get him a best and worst case budget scenario so that he knows how much to ask for. The expedition will need to take photographs, survey the area, and return with examples of ancient material for inspection.

This scenario will require research from the players, as the world of 1910 (England) was deceptively similar to today, while Egypt was still in the middle ages. While many antiquities laws did not exist back then, these areas were not without laws and regulation, and the thought of Egyptian gold made people do stupid and greedy things.

The Year: 1000 BCE

You are tomb robbers living in the ruins of the great Egyptian civilization. Somewhere in those hills are gold, but if you find it, the government is sure to put you to death. Your job is to locate a tomb, breach it, and loot it, while not getting caught or found out by the neighbors.

This scenario isn't a true archeological expedition, but it's fun.