Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wrap Draft #1 on All The Saints Are Dead

I've wrapped draft #1 for All The Saints Are Dead. Now I need to go through the damned thing and make sure it reads coherently.

I will never be a one draft author. When I am in creating mode, my brain jumps and makes noise, producing garbled text at points. I need to rewrite those pieces.

I don't just rewrite, I rewrite with a plan:
  • Remove sections that greatly dissatisfy me.
  • Make the opening actually work.
  • Make rewrite the end until it works.
  • Look for jumps in logic.
  • Fill out sparse areas.
  • Add foreshadowing and track through themes.
  • Rewrite confusing parts.

Mind you, this is the best first draft that I've ever done. I'm not kicking it to the curb, but I know what I need to do.