Friday, October 3, 2014

Chevy Kingswood 1969

My brother corrected me on the station wagon. It wasn't a Ford, it was a Chevy. So that would make the wagon some type of Kingswood. My best guess in 1970. 

I think that I got fooled because some of the Ford features resembled the Grenada, so I got fooled as to the model.

If you compare the two together, you'll understand how you could get the two confused. The big differentiation should have been the back seats. I remembered a rear facing seat, but then I doubted myself. The Ford had a pair of side-facing seats, and that would have been something that I remembered more strongly.

The interior looked something like this. I had forgotten the levered door handles. 

The tailgate of this guy swung outward like a big-assed door.

What I learned from one ad is that Chevy didn't have just one or two wagons, it had a dizzying and confusing array of wagons in every price range and size. Jeepers! How the might wagon has fallen.