Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Badass (D&D 3rd Edition)

Since the Fighter is a Tier-5 character, it needs a replacement that's not Tier 5 and acceptable to the gaming audience. So, to satisfy this unnecessary niche fulfillment, I propose The Badass.

The Badass

Using badassery, the badass is the most effective combatant on the battlefield. It doesn't matter what he's up against. The monsters will be scared of him.

The Badass has all good saves. d12 hp. Medium armor,  heavy armor, shield, martial weapons.

Skills: Badasses don't need skills. They beat people up and make others do it for them. Or maybe they give a box of cookies. You don't need any skill to buy a box of cookies.

Shrug It Off (Ex) - If the DC of any effect is less than or equal to the badass's level + strength bonus + 10, the badass can shrug off that effect for one round, making the effect take place at the end of his next round instead. Any single effect can be delayed multiple times. At the end of a fight, the badass will suffer any outstanding effects. If the effect has no DC, he can shrug off the effect for only one round for every five levels.

Victory Makes Me Stronger (Ex) - If you slay an opponent in battle, heal its CR + your Con bonus in hit points.

Wear a Hood (Ex) - Wearing a hood substitutes for wearing heavy armor (splint mail).

Army of One (Ex) - Beginning at second level, opponents gain no advantage from flanking you.

Defying Gravitas (Ex) - Beginning at third level, only against you, your opponent gets no advantages due to strength or size.

Ready, Steady, Go (Ex) - Beginning at fourth level, you are never flat-footed, even while asleep, incapacitated, or otherwise denied your Dex bonus. (You are flat footed if you are dead, but by that time, it really doesn't matter.)

I Crush Your Defenses (Ex) - Beginning at fifth level, you can bypass 5 points of special defenses, raising to 10 at 10th level, and 15 at 15th level.

The Leaf that Takes a Thousand Years to Reach the Ground (Ex) - Starting at fifth level, once per day, using strange and exotic sounding techniques that no one else can remember, the badass can time stop for one round. That stretches to two rounds at level 10, three at level 15, and four at level 20. This power can be used at any time, including before the badass's initiative or when the badass is surprised.

Flashing Swords (Ex) - Beginning at 5th level, a full attack takes a standard action.

Cover Won't Save You (Ex) - Starting at 6th level, ignore 20% or lower random miss percentages, and reduce 50% miss or lower chances to 20%. At 10th level, reduce all random miss percentages to 0%.

I Brought Down the Bad Guy (Ex) - Beginning at 7th level, when a badass lands a killing blow against an opponent, all opponents must make a Will save vs. fear, DC of 10 + Strength Bonus + Badass Level. Opponents who miss will be affected as by the fear spell, but without any level limitations.

Begone Foul Spell (Ex) - Beginning at 8th level, the badass can dispel any physical magical effect (earth, air, fire, water, force, plant, etc) by hitting it really, really hard with a big yell and lots of anger. The badass uses his badass level + strength against the spell.