Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Think Tank (A Free LARP)

Bring you laptops, paper, post-it notes (tm), and wonkiness. Congress wants a report and it wants the report in only 4 HOURS. Go.

What's the report on? That's up to the DM. I recommend requiring reports to implement the craziest, least workable political ideas of today.

For example:

  • Determine the costs and timetable to force-convert all Americans to Islam using Walmarts.
  • Invade Mordor.
  • Take away all the guns in the United States.
  • Fake an alien invasion in order to allow permanent martial law.

Your finished report should be as official and clean looking as possible.

Note to Game Masters: This works best if your researchers feel the full brunt of surprise. Perhaps mislead them with the wrong question? That's so much like real life.

As a bit of extra fun, you could even stage a Congressional hearing. Congressmen like PowerPoints, so include those, too. Congress ought to get a presentation (if time is available) or a video presentation (if it isn't).

If everything goes right, there's little that a Game Runner needs to do. It's up to your players to organize themselves and get the report out. Or throw curveballs because you're feeling evil. There's nothing like having your Congress characters issue a list of questions 2 hours into report preparation.

As a variation, you can play this as a dispersed game. There's no reason why this game can't run over a period of time, with your players sorting this all out virtually.

To add more complexity, you may want to put an ideological or political spin on the game. Anything that can put players at loggerheads should be considered (depending on the context). Opposing ideologies can make for fierce internal debate.

(You have my permission to print and reprint this scenario as required to run a game. If you remember to credit Douglas Milewski as Writer, that would be triple-awesome.)

Have you actually run this game? Leave a comment.