Sunday, April 9, 2017


Alphadia is such the epitome of a JRPG that even with all the words removed, you could still figure out what's happening with little to no trouble. An ordinary young man gets into an adventure, finds out he's special, quests to save the world through numerous dungeons with random monsters, and then saves the world by fighting a boss at the end three times.

Most games implement formula with some freshness, but this hits the formula like three day old donuts. The story will mildly entertain you at best, but has no heart as the story implements the JRPG formula in the most straightforward and dull way possible, by using the formula as a story. Flat soda has more perk.

I felt that the game was aimed at the younger JRPG player. If you have a kid that likes this sort of game, the mechanics are mostly straight forward and simple, so even by going wrong, they can't go too wrong.

The game itself is easy to play. Set to auto, almost every combat is winnable simply by picking the hardest hitting characters. A few combats did need actual player participation, like the final fight of the final boss's three fight death match.

I don't give the game many stars, but it did amuse me for a while. If you need a game where you wander about and bash monsters, this will scratch your itch.